the skill level of exercise classes

Every student coming to PĀRAGATE® is welcomed and provided with detailed advice on classes according to their individual needs and desires.

  • Beginner Level (I)

These classes help students understand and apply correct breathing techniques in yoga, explore various postures including standing, sitting, twisting, bending, and inverting (preparing for shoulder stands and headstands), as well as basic postures in the Sun Salutation sequence (Surya Namaskar).

The basic postures and sequences in yoga focus on proper alignment, helping students understand and gain confidence in their bodies. Postures are analyzed in detail to enable students to make appropriate adjustments for their own bodies rather than simply mimic the teacher’s movements. This also adds depth to each posture in terms of body connection. Even experienced students appreciate exploring their bodies through precise alignment.

Intermediate Level (II)

Intermediate level classes are perfect for members who have comfortably completed (I) level classes and are ready for a new challenge with comprehensive posture sequences. Inversions like headstands, handstands, balancing on hands, backbends, twists, and various postures are regularly practiced to enhance strength, endurance, and flexibility. In this level, and as members progress further, instructors often use English or Sanskrit names for the postures. Members should be familiar with postures practiced at the beginner level. Therefore, when practicing at this level, members need to have a solid yoga foundation and a good understanding of their body’s capabilities. If you have any injuries or specific health concerns, it’s advisable to arrive at least 10 minutes early for class to discuss with the instructor to ensure the most effective practice.

Advanced Level (III)

Advanced level classes focus on challenging postures such as hand balancing, inversions, deep backbends intertwined with special and creative posture sequences that truly create challenges and elevate your practice to new heights. Although you don’t necessarily need to master every posture, we encourage you to attempt them in this advanced class while ensuring your safety. These classes are recommended for experienced practitioners and teachers alike.

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